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SQL Server recommendations for MECM

Dans cet article, je vais vous faire part d'un livre blanc concernant le tuning de SQL Server pour MECM, rédigé par mon collègue Stéphane Serero, Consultant Senior Modern Workplace....
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Retrieve the User State Recovery Key

Hi, SCCM allows through task sequences to save and restore the user state during a migration or a refresh of a device. It is possible that during the restoration the key will be lost because the computer association will no longer be visible. This happens because of a change...
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Lock the session during a Savestate task sequence

Hi, There is no official solution to prevent a user from authentifying during a savestate task sequence. It is mandatory to forbid that behaviour because it can provoke a failure of the task sequence. The cause is that because some files will be used, savestate.exe will not be able...
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